UniMeta Games Developers of Brick Breaker Uncatchable Homers Master
UniMeta Games Developers of Brick Breaker Uncatchable Homers Master

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We are a family connected by love of old school Arcade games. It all started in our house, we are proud to be indie game developers who create games and play it with passion, but hey, look at us now. 

Ahmad Abbass the Found of UniMeta Games
Ahmad Abbass the Found of UniMeta Games

Ahmad Abbass

Founder of UniMeta Games

Ahmed, an ingenious indie game developer, has always held a profound admiration for the vintage charm of classic arcade video games. His fascination with iconic titles such as "Breakout," "Super Mario," and various fighting games ignited a spark within him—an unwavering desire to resurrect the bygone era of gaming while seamlessly weaving in contemporary elements.

His quest to fuse the timeless appeal of retro games with the allure of modern game design led him on a creative expedition that birthed captivating and unforgettable experiences. Inspired by his unwavering love for the classics and driven by a vision of introducing old-school charm to new-age gamers, Ahmed embarked on a remarkable journey of game development.

The culmination of his dedication and ingenuity resulted in his groundbreaking creation, "Uncatchable Homers Master - Bricks Breaker." Ahmed's brainchild seamlessly merged the familiarity of "Breakout" with ingenious modifications tailored for today's gaming enthusiasts. This endeavor marked a significant milestone in his pursuit to rekindle the magic of classic arcade games while injecting them with innovative features.

As the year 2023 dawned, so did a new chapter in the world of gaming. Armed with a passion for creating exceptional arcade experiences, Ahmed set forth on a mission to craft games that would resonate with players of all ages. His commitment to excellence and his distinctive approach to game design promised a fresh perspective on timeless classics.

Ahmed's aspirations go beyond mere game development; they encapsulate the spirit of paying homage to the past while forging a path toward the future. His dedication to preserving the essence of old-school gaming while enhancing it with modern twists is a testament to his creative prowess and his profound understanding of what makes games truly captivating.

With a heart full of nostalgia and an eye toward innovation, Ahmed continues to redefine the landscape of indie game development. His journey is one of inspiration—a reminder that the love for games, regardless of the era, transcends time and technology. As players around the world embrace the gems he has crafted, Ahmed's legacy as an indie game developer committed to merging the best of both worlds is firmly cemented in the annals of gaming history.

In a world where gaming evolves at breakneck speed, Ahmed stands as a beacon of dedication, a guardian of classic charm, and a herald of new-age creativity. With every game he creates, he invites players to embark on a journey that bridges nostalgia and modernity, offering an immersive experience that celebrates the past and embraces the future.

Shaheen Abbass - Game Developer and Software Engineer at UniMeta Games
Shaheen Abbass - Game Developer and Software Engineer at UniMeta Games

Shaheen Ahmad

Mr. Shaheen Abbass, a trailblazing software engineer and fervent indie game developer, is a man of multifaceted talents. With an insatiable passion for video games that knows no bounds, he traverses the virtual landscapes with an unwavering enthusiasm. To him, gaming isn't just a pastime; it's a way of life—an endless journey of exploration, creation, and conquest.

Drawing inspiration from his ceaseless love affair with games, Shaheen embarked on a mission to redefine the boundaries of gaming itself. His journey led him from being an ardent player to becoming a maestro of game development, driven by a desire to create experiences that resonate with players on a deeper level.

Software Engineer - Indie Game Developer

In a world where gaming offers endless avenues of entertainment, Shaheen's innovative spirit thrived. He recognized that the heart of gaming lay in its ability to captivate, challenge, and engage. And so, he set out to infuse his creations with the same passion that had fueled his own gaming endeavors.

The legendary breakout games that had once captured the hearts of players across generations were about to undergo a transformation—one that only a visionary like Shaheen could orchestrate. With a stroke of genius, he seamlessly melded the classic charm of breakout games with the exhilaration of battle-style gameplay. The result was nothing short of extraordinary—an experience that encapsulated the essence of both genres while introducing an entirely new dimension of fun.

But Shaheen's journey doesn't stop at the games he creates; it's a testament to his dedication to pushing the boundaries of creativity. His unique perspective on game development showcases his commitment to forging new paths, embracing challenges, and delivering experiences that leave an indelible mark on players.

As an indie game developer, Shaheen's endeavors mirror his own gaming philosophy: to never stop exploring, crafting, and enjoying the boundless possibilities that gaming offers. His games don't merely entertain; they immerse players in worlds that he himself has traversed, bringing to life the thrill of discovery, the joy of competition, and the satisfaction of conquering new horizons.

In every line of code, every pixel of design, and every exhilarating moment his games provide, Shaheen's spirit shines through—a testament to his relentless pursuit of excellence. His legacy is one of innovation, inspiration, and the seamless fusion of passion and technology.

In a realm where the virtual and the real coexist, Mr. Shaheen Abbass is not just a name; he's a symbol of ingenuity and dedication. As players around the world engage with his creations, they become part of a journey that bridges the gap between dream and reality, just as he has bridged the worlds of gaming's past and its thrilling future.

Arcade Games Where Brick Breaker Came From
Arcade Games Where Brick Breaker Came From

the lap

Arcades evolution entertainment is from where we got our inspiration, playing video games for thousands of hours, paying a fortune of money to get fun.

We really get enjoyed, but we want MORE.

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UniMeta Games | A Military Brick Breaker Action Game
UniMeta Games | A Military Brick Breaker Action Game

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